What’s Calling You Forward?

The Fall Equinox is upon us.

It’s time to take an assessment, an honest look at where we are. Where we want to be.

Who we are. Who we are Be-Coming.

What needs to end? Begin?

What do we want more of? Desire less of?

The Autumnal Equinox is a great lesson in Nature of balance. Light and dark. The changing into a new season. The continuing of the cycle of seasons.

As the leaves fall, it reminds me that I need to clean out, let go, release. The old patterns that are not serving. The foods that don’t make me feel good. The people or clothing that no longer “fit”.

It’s also a wonderful time to review the abundance of what we have created this year. The fruits of our harvest. Sharing in thanks-giving and community.

So what do you want to stop doing?

Start doing?

Stop being?

Start BEing?

A great place to take stock is in your surroundings. Your bank account. Your circle of closest friends and those you spend the most time with.

Are they reflective of you in your Highest and Best?

If not…who would be in that Circle?

Maybe it’s time to create or join a group that reflects You back to YOU. In all your glorious imperfect Perfection and Beauty.

There are Moon Circles. Masterminds. Power Networking groups. Collaborative business meetups. Conscious Leaders convergences and conferences. Coffee connections and social activist breakfast clubs.

What are you looking to be more of? What support calls you forward into the next up-leveling of YOU?

Lots will be generating underground in the coming months as I revamp in my 2018 offerings. Share what you are looking for, chances are I know a group that just might be a great fit.

Or, let’s co-create something together. I’m all about manifesting and generating what you want to dream into being!

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