S H I N E 

The SHINE PrincipleTM

A JOURNEY to Illuminate Your Strengths and Brilliance

Leadership Development for Women takes on a New Expression!

Designed for women, but open for all, this half-day workshop offers:

  • Strengths-Based Leadership assessment, reports, and unpacking through interactive processes for both Personal & Professional growth;
  • Practices to Communicate with Authenticity and create deeper connection and trust;
  • Ways to articulate with Confidence your unique Brilliance and Talents unapologetically and clearly;
  • AND more!  

What is S.H.I.N.E.?

S - Self-Awareness :: Knowing your strengths and befriending your shadows 

H - Health :: Healthy mind/body/heart/soul to propel and sustain change  

I - Integrity :: Inner Landscape & Intuition to operate from Wholeness  

N - The Art of Saying "NO" :: “No” to old limits and patterns, Yes to What’s Next  

E - Equanimity, Environment, Envision :: Composure no matter the exterior circumstances ~ Taking a stand for global change ~ Envisioning & Co-Creating a world that works for everyone.

SHINE :: Four Paths, Four Levels

Choose one or all four! Increasing your time and energy allows for greater impact and lasting results

Mind (Level 1 - Intro Workshop) - Dare to SHINE! Learning what makes you brilliant, why it’s important to claim your uniqueness and how to maximize your talents for pleasure and productivity. Investment $50  

Heart (Level 2 - Full Day Event) - Dip in and SHARE your SHINE! Practice Sharing your strengths with the world with deepening awareness, courage and confidence. Includes lunch. Investment $150  

Body (Level 3 - Overnight Retreat) - Dive in and OWN your SHINE Embodying your wisdom and unique brilliance to radiate for greater impact and influence as a leader. Includes meals and overnight stay. View location photographs. Investment $250  

Soul - (Level 4 - Authentic Leadership Academy) - Deepen in and LEAD with SHINE Integration. Putting all the learnings and awareness into practice takes time and accountability and support, in a safe, loving environment and community. This is where the sustainable change happens within and ripples outward to make a difference. Investment $2500

Joining in Level 3 and 4 will require private coaching to get up to speed with other participants.  

Schedule a consult to see what is the best path for you!  

Join Us in One or All Levels of SHINE



Dare to SHINE

Dip in and Share your SHINE

August 18, 2017 :: Webinar :: 8:15 - 10:30 AM 

Investment for this lively and enlightening introduction SHINE webinar training is only $49. The full, rich experience of the workshop with NO travel! 

Register by August 16th to receive your Strength Based Assessment prior to the webinar.

August 25, 2017 :: 9 AM- 4 PM

Investment in this full-day immersion workshop is $150; includes lunch. 

Register for this one-day retreat workshop for women ready to step outside their comfort zone and start sharing their Voice, Value and Vision.



Dive in and Own Your SHINE

Deepen and LEAD with SHINE 

Investment for this overnight BODY retreat is only $250.  

Move our bodies, experience feminine presence and power through moving meditation and create a new relationship with Your Legacy Vision through a facilitated Vision Walk. Located in lovely Ste. Genevieve, Missouri, our retreat location will offer you space for movement and meditation.

Register for this deep immersion retreat where you can drop the baggage that's keeping you from your inner SHINE!

October 27, 2017 :: Start Date

Investment full immersion to SHINE, combining all the aspects of the SHINE program (Authentic Leadership Academy) and make change in your life and community is $2500.  

Learn more about the Authentic Leadership Academy (SOUL) and view payment options here.

You receive participation in the BODY retreat as our gift. Register by August 15 and receive the BODY retreat as our gift to start your journey. 

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