What’s Calling You Forward?

The Fall Equinox is upon us.

It’s time to take an assessment, an honest look at where we are. Where we want to be.

Who we are. Who we are Be-Coming.

What needs to end? Begin?

What do we want more of? Desire less of?

The Autumnal Equinox is a great lesson in Nature of balance. Light and dark. The changing into a new season. The continuing of the cycle of seasons.

As the leaves fall, it reminds me that I need to clean out, let go, release. The old patterns that are not serving. The foods that don’t make me feel good. The people or clothing that no longer “fit”.

It’s also a wonderful time to review the abundance of what we have created this year. The fruits of our harvest. Sharing in thanks-giving and community.

So what do you want to stop doing?

Start doing?

Stop being?

Start BEing?

A great place to take stock is in your surroundings. Your bank account. Your circle of closest friends and those you spend the most time with.

Are they reflective of you in your Highest and Best?

If not…who would be in that Circle?

Maybe it’s time to create or join a group that reflects You back to YOU. In all your glorious imperfect Perfection and Beauty.

There are Moon Circles. Masterminds. Power Networking groups. Collaborative business meetups. Conscious Leaders convergences and conferences. Coffee connections and social activist breakfast clubs.

What are you looking to be more of? What support calls you forward into the next up-leveling of YOU?

Lots will be generating underground in the coming months as I revamp in my 2018 offerings. Share what you are looking for, chances are I know a group that just might be a great fit.

Or, let’s co-create something together. I’m all about manifesting and generating what you want to dream into being!

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Post-Eclipse and Awareness

So, where were YOU during the Great American Eclipse?

Whether you experienced Totality or not, I’m certain the experience was meaningful. Some enjoyed the science of it, others the photography challenges of capturing the beauty, others were deep in spiritual ceremony and ritual. Everyone was moved in some way, even if they ran outside into the street to capture it for only a moment during a break from work.

For such a momentous occasion, I did something quite unlike me. I was with a party of revelers – some of whom popped their first beer (artisan brand that it was) at 7:15 am. This well-orchestrated event was planned months ago and I appreciated not having to make any arrangements and just show up.

So Show Up I did.

We were at a large multi-leveled outdoor space an hour outside of town, with all breakfast and barbecue lunch and refreshments included. A variety of outdoor games and oversized Jenga and Chess boards entertained many. Seating arrangements varied from couches, to tables and chairs, to picnic tables and benches, plus indoor dining areas all filled with groups in conversation and live music. There was a constant and steady buzz that surrounded me. I felt like an observer of it all.

I watched myself pull away to find space and journal. I noticed when I got up to change seating arrangements or moved into different circles of conversation. I enjoyed sipping coffee and water and beer as the day wore on and relaxing. It felt like being on vacation. By myself.

I enjoyed moving when I felt like it, enjoying my body’s grace and strength and sitting and feeling the breeze when it wafted over me on occasion. I listened to my body when it asked for more water, please! or it’s time to get something to eat, or only one bite of the Moon Pie, methinks.

As the day wore on, I noticed how I searched out certain people to speak with and later realized I only once learned someone’s name. Yet, we exchanged deep, almost intimate details about our lives. It was not a day of light conversation.

It was also interesting to note that I spent most of the day in the company of men. Two different couples, a group of young people with 3 guys and one gal, an older gentleman and his son who was close to my age, and the very handsome and interesting friend of a friend who came in town to visit for the event.

An all around different kind of day for me; one who normally stays home and shies away from these types of party events.

And, the best part? I got to SHINE. I played with it all day. It was fun, fascinating and easy. AND, so freeing to not feel I needed to play a role, entertain anyone, be anything other than who I am. Wow!

The moon tried to cover the sun for those 2 1/2 minutes, and the sun still made beautiful light flares and rings around it. Almost hugging that which tried to eclipse it. Surrounding it and shining anyway.

Reminding me and all of us that we are still Light, even when there are obstacles (real or imaginary) that are trying to dim our Light.

What looks or feels different to you now? What has shifted for you? I’d love to hear! Share with me in The SHINE Challenge Facebook Group.

SHINE on! It’s our reason for living. It’s also our Purpose. And Passion. And Pleasure.

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Art of Receiving

How often do you receive a gift and toss it back in the giver’s face? Probably not often, if ever.

Yet, we redirect compliments, offers of support, opportunities to engage and connect, right?

When a young woman offered her support recently as I sat by the ocean and was sobbing into my journal, I brushed her off, saying “I’m fine…or I’ll be fine. No thank you.” I did just that. How comforting it would have been to have her get the cup of tea she offered! To accept a hug from her, even. To ask for, and receive!

We have been taught to be resilient, independent, to be able to fend for ourselves. We don’t like appearing weak, needy, incompetent. Yet, we are not designed to be silos!

How do we learn to open to Receive?

Authentic Gratitude

Thank you.

Thank you for being here. For reading this. For listening in. Showing up. For your friendship, kindness, connection, referral, support, sharing.

For Being You.

And I truly mean it. Between Thank You and I’m Sorry – How can we express ourselves more clearly? More authentically, more real, more true.

We are in a world where we wear our busyness, our social media connections, our use of technology, like a badge of honor. I’m taking the day off. To play, bake, prepare for family feasts and just to be still. Loving Self, my daughters, whoever shows up today and tomorrow at my home or at my parents. No matter who they voted for. No matter their differing views.

This week is full of events. Yet for me it is simple, it’s about being in Gratitude. Join in, take a few minutes to be still, drink tea, or wine, or eggnog or cider. Really taste it. Let the pleasure radiate from within for this moment.

And, from the bottom of my heart (and my BEing) sending you Grateful Blessings for an Abundant and Pleasure-filled holiday!

Freedom to be More


Yes, I’m ready to BE more of ME.

Stop the hiding, protecting, following and comparing.

I am ready to BE All In.  Are you?

Here’s the thing, sometimes we wait.  In Fear.  Or, Doubt. Or because we are criticized.  We don’t think we are Ready.  Or, we will make up all kinds of excuses or create drama and chaos.

Sound familiar?  Often it follows a great leap forward.  A move, or new love, or that new ideal client.

This expansion of our comfort zone is unfamiliar.  It can feel like we’ve gone off-road.  And, it’s exactly where we were headed.  So now what?

No idea where this will lead me, or maybe it’s just back to being Me.  More of Me.  Join me?  I need and want You to Be All You Are and All You Came Here to Be too!

Desires and Boundaries

I”ve been playing with my own boundaries these past few years and talking about them in these past weeks. In this last week of April, we explore Boundaries and Desire.

How much do I want to contain? How much of me do I want to be transparent? Is it safe to radiate my Brilliance?

Energetic, emotional and psychological boundaries are something I experiment with on a daily, maybe hourly basis. I love discovering what is more attractive and where and when I am repelling – especially around those areas of my life where I am most sensitive…

Do you project your desires? Or protect yourself from them? Join me as I share a few of my tips to hold them, then let them go…