Art of Receiving

How often do you receive a gift and toss it back in the giver’s face? Probably not often, if ever.

Yet, we redirect compliments, offers of support, opportunities to engage and connect, right?

When a young woman offered her support recently as I sat by the ocean and was sobbing into my journal, I brushed her off, saying “I’m fine…or I’ll be fine. No thank you.” I did just that. How comforting it would have been to have her get the cup of tea she offered! To accept a hug from her, even. To ask for, and receive!

We have been taught to be resilient, independent, to be able to fend for ourselves. We don’t like appearing weak, needy, incompetent. Yet, we are not designed to be silos!

How do we learn to open to Receive?

Authentic Gratitude

Thank you.

Thank you for being here. For reading this. For listening in. Showing up. For your friendship, kindness, connection, referral, support, sharing.

For Being You.

And I truly mean it. Between Thank You and I’m Sorry – How can we express ourselves more clearly? More authentically, more real, more true.

We are in a world where we wear our busyness, our social media connections, our use of technology, like a badge of honor. I’m taking the day off. To play, bake, prepare for family feasts and just to be still. Loving Self, my daughters, whoever shows up today and tomorrow at my home or at my parents. No matter who they voted for. No matter their differing views.

This week is full of events. Yet for me it is simple, it’s about being in Gratitude. Join in, take a few minutes to be still, drink tea, or wine, or eggnog or cider. Really taste it. Let the pleasure radiate from within for this moment.

And, from the bottom of my heart (and my BEing) sending you Grateful Blessings for an Abundant and Pleasure-filled holiday!

Freedom to be More


Yes, I’m ready to BE more of ME.

Stop the hiding, protecting, following and comparing.

I am ready to BE All In.  Are you?

Here’s the thing, sometimes we wait.  In Fear.  Or, Doubt. Or because we are criticized.  We don’t think we are Ready.  Or, we will make up all kinds of excuses or create drama and chaos.

Sound familiar?  Often it follows a great leap forward.  A move, or new love, or that new ideal client.

This expansion of our comfort zone is unfamiliar.  It can feel like we’ve gone off-road.  And, it’s exactly where we were headed.  So now what?

No idea where this will lead me, or maybe it’s just back to being Me.  More of Me.  Join me?  I need and want You to Be All You Are and All You Came Here to Be too!

Desires and Boundaries

I”ve been playing with my own boundaries these past few years and talking about them in these past weeks. In this last week of April, we explore Boundaries and Desire.

How much do I want to contain? How much of me do I want to be transparent? Is it safe to radiate my Brilliance?

Energetic, emotional and psychological boundaries are something I experiment with on a daily, maybe hourly basis. I love discovering what is more attractive and where and when I am repelling – especially around those areas of my life where I am most sensitive…

Do you project your desires? Or protect yourself from them? Join me as I share a few of my tips to hold them, then let them go…

Boundaries – Are They Holding You Back?

Healthy Boundaries are knowing where we stop, start and how much of our energy is being expended at a given time. Since we are human and spiritual beings, we are always giving, receiving, allowing, blocking, breathing in and breathing out.

Often our Boundaries are set by reactive and subconscious patterns, learned early in our childhood. We learned to Comply: following rules to be loved or seen as the good one. Another is to Protect: fearful to let others see our truth and light. The other one is a big one…Controlling! And, many of us have forms of that which show up today in our lives as Perfectionism, Autocratic decision-making, or needing to be right.

Which ones come into play for you? Do you know which ones are your underlying programming that are keeping your energy bound up playing Reactive games versus flowing for more Creative types of Leadership in your life?

April’s Topic? Boundaries

The more I have learned about Boundaries, the more authentically I’ve been able to connect. On video with clients and listeners, in personal and romantic relationships and even with my family! This is a great way to shine your light with truth and love while not stealing from others or leaking your power. For women of influence, this is an essential life practice to master!

This sounds like the opposite, doesn’t it? By creating a physical, emotional, energetic and mental separation we create an even deeper, more intimate and true relationship with others…and our self.

Let’s begin the month of April with redefining Boundaries and build each week on the symptoms of poor boundaries, what healthy boundaries look like, how to incorporate simple daily practices to support boundaries on all levels (mental, emotional, physical and energetic) to support these for yourself, and the benefits of doing so.

Let’s get started! This is Spring, the time for new beginnings right?