Authentic Connection


The peace we feel when we drop the mask, veil, armor? Wow. It feels so luscious, free and … almost spiritual.

Why do we wear all of that protection?

Where did we learn to cover up? Fake it? Tell untruths? Pretend?

Radical acceptance, deep awareness and honest looking within has been my way of connecting. First WITHIN. Then without. I was taught and modeled the opposite.

Not sure where this message will go today as I unravel more about what it feels like to live an Authentic Life. What I do know is that as lonely and invisible as I used to feel along this journey has prepared me well to live in this space. My Space. My Truth.

What is your experience of living authentically? Where is it easy? Where do you feel like you want to hide or escape or pretend, numb out and not feel?

Savoring Beauty in all it’s Forms

We love Beauty.

We are inundated by media’s definition of Beauty.

We turn to what’s familiar and cultur’s idea of Beauty …versus seeking out the bizarre, different, odd, or strange.

We are trained early to see beauty, especially in women, as being small, young, sweet, sexy and similar. Similar? Yes, to what we know, what we are comfortable with. What we’ve grown up seeing or being told is beautiful. Each culture has its own Beauty standards. So, finding something (or being someone) other that what we were trained to believe is “beautiful”, makes us feel different from our family, friends, society…Think about all the “beautiful people” on the covers of magazines, on Facebook or Instagram feeds, or TV.

So, how can we feel Beautiful? Truly in love with our looks as well as our Shining Hearts & Souls? AND, be Unique. Standing out in our Brilliance?

Authentic Beauty is standing in our Fullness, our Wholeness, in our Powerful Body, while unapologetically sharing our intellectual and intuitive creative selves with the world. It’s knowing, deep down, that we are Enough. Perfectly imperfect and gorgeous, just by BE-ing Real. It’s caring so much for our inner and outer self that our Radiance glows…we are vibrant, magnetic, attractive and fully Sovereign. We don’t need anyone else or anything else to make us Whole.

Let’s dive in. This is a big one for many of us Women. And, an important part of becoming an Authentic Leader, A Woman of Presence, A Woman of Substance.

How do you feel about your appearance? Connect with me for two quick tips to Become more magnetic immediately, so you can lead with Authenticity, Grace & Power!