Cultivating our Character in the New Axial Era

Did you know we are in the New Axial Era? A pivotal time when converging thoughts/philosophies/cultures/religions are driving us to an evolution of humanity?

The first one occurred in the first millennium BCE.

The phrase originated with the German psychiatrist and philosopher Karl Jaspers, who noted that during this period there was a shift—or a turn, as if on an axis—away from more predominantly localized concerns and toward transcendence.

(love this, as I’m all about Transcendence and Transformation…)

More info is here:

We are on the wave of a New Axial Era. A pivot point.

The importance of Character and its role in Education, Leadership, and Community is not a new concept. However, it ‘s been lost amidst our reverence for Science and Technology, Math and Engineering.

We’ve left philosophy and religion to pick up the education and development of Character (what makes you uniquely you) as now it’s time to drive the forging of discovering and developing our Character Strengths with areas of Passion and to fuel and create change.

That is shifting now.

Media and the millennials are driving forward the merging of personal passions with innovation to create an impact on the world. And we all need to get on board.

AND, today is Character Day 2017!

When I first heard about it from change agent, Karen Hoffman, Founder of Gateway to Dreams, (just to name one of her entrepreneurial pursuits) I thought, “Oh, this is cool. Segues nicely with my work, happy to be a part of it.”

However, in the weeks leading up to it as an Ambassador and Facilitator of this global event occurring in hundreds of countries and all 50 states on the same day, I’ve gotten more excited.

Blending beautiful video imagery with both local and global discussions and interaction can be illuminating for all involved and can truly ignite the fires of creativity and community change we are ready for.

Find an event near you or at least watch the movies at

And as always, SHINE on with YOUR unique Character Strengths and Passion! How can you use them in Creating the Change YOU want to see?

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Science and Spirituality

Of our Eclipse Season

This is a big month. For someone who is not oriented to the stars and planets and patterns they play out, it’s still important to note that these are extraordinary circumstances.

We are all effected by the planetary systems, our moon and sun in particular.

AND, when they cross over each other in their paths? That’s a big deal.

It’s rare to have this total solar eclipse be visible from the US. And, really fun that the path crosses right through our area!

Typically, this time can be considered a time when all brightness and shadows become one. A collapsing of dualities.

We are not all Light. Nor are we all Dark. This union of them is such a scientific marvel and a beautiful spiritual model for us as well.

Since we have so much chaos surrounding us, and even more that will be revealed during the coming month, it’s another call for Authenticity. Leadership with Authenticity is based on Integrity, rooted in Self-Awareness, a conscious model of both connection with others and a deep connection within.

Let’s dive in and see where this week’s podcast takes us. How fun that the SHINE Principle continues to grow and unfold for both mySelf and my community… it’s even being modeled by the heavens above us!

More info on all of the celestial happenings this month can be seen here:

Curious about the SHINE Principle? Check out the events on Facebook or the details here:

Authentic Balance… Is it Possible?

Today I was wide awake listening to the birds around 3:30 am. I didn’t know that was the time and I enjoyed the variety of birdsong for quite a while before getting up. When I saw the time, my mind went crazy. “OMG, it’s too early! Get back to sleep. You’ve got a long and very full day ahead of you with leaving town in the morning!”

And, sleep never fully returned. My to-do list was forming in my head; my spirit was nudging me on some clearing out, cleaning out to make way for new; my heart wondering who else I’m meaning to connect with and how to make that happen before the Academy next week; my body wondering if a walk or yoga stretches would be better to start the energy moving. And each voice had a valid point.

I began looking for an old ledger that came to mind (acting on inspiration sometimes takes you in strange directions) and I began seeing the last 10 years of finance and tax files I had lumped on the floor when moving my file cabinets. Replacing them in their rightful space felt honoring of my financial history (and money relationship in general) and the floor has reclaimed some space. Just the beginning of getting that office spring cleaned!

Coming downstairs, I decided cleaning off the glass dining room table was next. It’s been bothering me that the glass had smudges on it and that tolerance of stuff bothering us? It’s a sign to clean it up.

Feng Shui is about balancing of the energies. It’s about honoring the space around you. Creating a sacred space to create, love, live and connect on all levels.

When there is too much Yang energy (all light colors, lots of sharp angles and fiery energy) it can feel chaotic. Too much Yin energy (dark colors, soft and rounded shapes and low light) creates a space for sleep and resting, but not much action. What is the right balance for work? For play? For love? For creativity? For you?

I’m learning that the glass-topped tables are symbolic of water and emotions. There’s a lot of glass in my home to balance the earth, metal and fire elements that are present.

And, when they get cluttered, dirty with drink circles or fingerprints, it’s annoying to me. When clean, they sparkle, shine, reflect and show the beautiful rugs below, or highlight what is placed on top.

Where can you create more beauty? More space? Clearing away to allow for new? AND, what is the right balance of Action and Being that serves you?

As a borderline Introvert, I can be out at networking events, social gatherings or delivering a workshop, then need to return home to my haven for renewal and replenishing of my energy. I love that my home has lots of items that make me smile with their beauty, memory or meaning.

Balance is when we are able to find what is true and right for us. When we honor our mind, heart, body and spirit. When we feel our connection to all that is, seen and unseen. It’s going to look and feel differently for everyone. The key is for you to find your’s and then continue to tune in to discern what needs to be tweaked back into balance.

Authentic Connection


The peace we feel when we drop the mask, veil, armor? Wow. It feels so luscious, free and … almost spiritual.

Why do we wear all of that protection?

Where did we learn to cover up? Fake it? Tell untruths? Pretend?

Radical acceptance, deep awareness and honest looking within has been my way of connecting. First WITHIN. Then without. I was taught and modeled the opposite.

Not sure where this message will go today as I unravel more about what it feels like to live an Authentic Life. What I do know is that as lonely and invisible as I used to feel along this journey has prepared me well to live in this space. My Space. My Truth.

What is your experience of living authentically? Where is it easy? Where do you feel like you want to hide or escape or pretend, numb out and not feel?

Authentic Wisdom Within

Why do I keep looking outside myself for more guidance, wisdom and learning? There is SO much within just waiting for me to tap into it.

How many books are you reading currently?

I am in the middle of several leadership books, one on the Awakened Warrior, one on Culture, one on Leadership development and another on The Spirit of Leadership. Each offering e a different perspective, new ways of looking at this fascinating topic for me.

And, while integrating all of this additional knowledge, where do I rely on what I already know? What I instinctively and intuiitvely understand? Why do I feel like I am “needing” to learn more, before I’m ready to share with others?

Yesterday I went to the Social System Design Lab at Washington University’s Brown School of Social Work. There, with the new Director, we envisioned several ways to use the lab to map out the various levels and numerous factors that are going into leadership culture today and how to use these materials to support leadership development for organizations into the future.

Fascinating. Creating something NEW. Not another’s idea. But mine, co-created with another’s.

Let’s dive into why we feel we need to keep looking outside ourSelves for wisdom, when we are sitting on a goldmine of knowledge within.

Authentic Anger

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned…

Authentic anger, especially for women, looks very different than a lot of we’ve been seeing, or what we’ve been taught, or what . AND, It’s true that women have a millennia or two worth of of actions and historical events and current events to be angry about.

I am and the perfect example. It was the first emotion available in my palette that allowed me to really feel and to tap into what was mine. My truth. My Authenticity. My Essence.

For that reason I think once opened to it, women tend use it as it as a weapon. As way of showing how strong and powerful we are.

A woman’s anger (picture the power of mother Earth’s storms!) is a lashing out, a destructive force. It’s a force you can’t deny. And, it’s often quick and swift. It’s a balancing of energy. It’s about standing strong in our essence, in our conviction and passion, declaring our truth.

It’s not a lot of words. It’s not a lot about the hurting of another. It’s not making the other pay or share in what’s our’s. It’s not about making a point by tearing down the other’s ego – be it physically, emotionally, spiritually.

It’s sad that we have not learned the teachings of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Gandhi around nonviolent conflict, peaceful protesting and working together TOWARDS an end, versus FIGHTING AGAINST the other. There’s a way of making a point with clarity and courageous conviction, sometimes even more so without words.

This reminds me of the Compassionate Samurai. A samurai warrior is trained in all of the martial arts and trains his body to be strong and powerful and also to open his heart. Open his/her mind in a way of serving for all. It’s it’s about dropping our ego, standing tall for the collective.

This is where a woman’s anger can be very affective. When we are fighting for our child or for the rights of all women, or a beloved, we do so in a forward thinking type of way. We want to create change that leads us towards where. We. Want. To. Go. (versus fighting back at what has happened)

This has to be a changed in our mindset. We can change our belief system to learn that what has happened has been the catalyst that turned on this emotion and power and sharpens our senses, and from there, discern how we will move or take action or respond in a way that generates momentum to build what we want.

Join me as we transform our Authentic Anger into the energy that spurs us as compassionate leaders, heard and seen as powerful, strategic, grounded and leading towards change.