"People who are most magnetically attractive are those whose energy is not split by focusing on trying to be a people pleaser, fit in, or satisfying the opinion of others. They simply transmit a clear broadcast of who they are to the universe."  

~ Maryam Hasnaa

In the Authentic Leadership Academy, we recognize that women leaders face unique challenges and opportunities. We’re here to help them grow themselves as powerful authentic leaders so they can skillfully navigate those challenges.

Based in the art and science of feminine leadership, our deeply-engaging group programs help women leaders illuminate their own brilliance, ignite the high-performing capacity of their teams, and inspire change in the community.

The Academy is offered twice a year. 

Enrolling now for Winter 2017/18 Cohort starting November 2, 2017!

Our signature offering is a six-month intensive mastermind and leadership development program for an intimate-sized group of women. The program takes leadership development up several notches with a combined focus on developing outer competencies and cultivating the inner game of leadership. 

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Applications are taken year-round, register for the next cohort! 

In addition, Academy students receive:

  • 2 full-day leadership development group workshops
  • 6 one-on-one coaching sessions targeted to your personal and professional growth and goals
  • Recordings of live workshops
  • 3 group coaching sessions to further support your learning
  • 2 two-and-a-half-hour, in-person, facilitated GROUP mastermind sessions
  • Strengths-Based Leadership assessment and debrief
  • Facilitated “Wisdom Walk with Your Legacy Vision”

In Support of You:

To support you in this transformative experience, you will also receive the gift of doTerra's Emotional Oils Kit. 

Our gift to you for enrolling today.

My Promise to You...

It’s almost impossible to unfold this new reality for yourself because you’re so inside your own picture. To step into the full glory of who you can be as an authentic woman leader requires a community to witness you into being. 

Join the Authentic Leadership Academy so you can:

  • Reinhabit your passion, gifts, strengths, and what makes you uniquely brilliant,
  • Drop the win-lose comparison game and reclaim your mojo,
  • Step into the power of your authentic presence,
  • Show up confidently as a leader at higher and more meaningful levels of responsibility,
  • Speak truth in difficult situations, and be heard and appreciated, and
  • Open up a deeply aligned and more profitable path forward in your work.

Meet Deborah LeeAnn

Deborah LeeAnn, MBA, has spent her entire professional career helping leaders become their most creative, competent, and authentic selves, while helping organizations become places where talented people love to work and can accomplish great things. Her diversity of professional experience includes executive roles in human resources, small business consulting, nonprofits, workshop facilitation, and more. 

Today, Deborah is a consultant, trainer, and speaker on the topic of Authentic Leadership. She combines intellectual prowess, extensive expertise and intuitive wisdom to create forward-thinking leaders for today and tomorrow.

Amplify Your Impact so you can Lead with Authenticity, Grace and Power - register today!

Registration Information

Three forms of payment are available:

Simply pay $2,500 from the invoice and you're all set!

Just choose to pay from the invoice as you see it and you're all set! .

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Pay half of the registration fee, $1250 up front. You will be invoiced $225/month for the next 6 months for a total of $2,600 starting on November 2, 2017

Simply choose Pay Half from the dropdown list on the registration form.

Pay $250 up front, and be invoiced $425/month for 6 months for a total of $2,800 starting November 2, 2017.

Select the Pay $250 option from the dropdown menu on the registration form.

Please note there is a $250 non-refundable deposit for every registration submitted. 

If unable to attend, deposit may be used toward a future program or service.

Ready to Get Started?

Let’s schedule a conversation to finalize your registration, review any questions you may have and set the foundation to best prepare for this deep work.

Contact Deborah LeeAnn at 314.800.7694 or deborah@DeborahLeeAnn.com.

Authenticity is at the root of effective, high-performing leadership. 

It allows leaders to create trusting relationships with their teams and empower their people to apply their full genius to their work. Being an Authentic Leader means balancing being visionary and strategic, showing up with courage and confidence, and creating results that matter, all while skillfully leading your team or organization to, through, or for change and growth. Authenticity augments essential leadership traits and can elevate competencies to the next level.

Authentic Leadership Consulting

These are unprecedented times. They call for a unique and holistic leadership paradigm shift. To develop your leaders in this way requires a specific kind of expertise that, in most cases, comes from an outside perspective.

Authentic Leadership Consulting offers this through coaching, training, and consulting to organizations that are ready to grow their individual leaders, cultivate their collective leadership capacity, develop a thriving andinclusive culture, and amplify their social impact.

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